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2nd Friday Featured Artist: Chris Castro

I've had an intense love for drawing since I was a child. Then, I remember being inspired by nature documentaries as well as my grandfathers stories of his adventures in the deserts of Mexico - particularly those that had to do with scorpions and rattlesnakes. I especially remember one about him, after being bitten by a rattlesnake, picking the snake up and biting it back. I spent afternoons collecting insects and creatures outside and bringing them in to create a "scientific catalog" complete with illustrations. 

After college I unintentionally took about an eight year break from drawing. It was always something I meant to pick up but didn't. It wasn't until my son reached the age where he was able to appreciate some of the same things I did that I was inspired to start again, using much of the same subject matter as when I was a child. - Chris Castro


We are thrilled to have the work of Chris Castro on our walls and to be serving one of his favorite summer cocktails.  If you don't already follow him on Instagram you should. His handle is @omarchris. You will probably discover some awesome new recipe or even a way of cooking food you didn't even know was possible. You will wish that you could actually have happy hour at his house after work! Plus his wife is gorgeous and his son is the absolute cutest.

Make sure and stop by this Friday, August 8th, during Norman's 2nd Friday Circuit of Art! Also, to learn more about him or his awesome recipes check out


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