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2nd Friday Featured Artist: Jacob Cossey

Jacob Cossey.  Is such a cool guy.  He is one of the founders of Native Creative.  "Native Creative seeks to cover the entire creative retail spectrum. All of our artists are multifaceted in their creative abilities. We strive to start a contagious, grassroots movement throughout Oklahoma's creative populace. No one individual is solely Native Creative." It is basically a group that is amazing and supports fellow makers, giving them a platform to sell their goods.


"I'm Jacob Cossey and my favorite things are pizza, robots, and 90s music. I believe that it's the weird things that make life worth living. My inspiration is derived from hearing people talk about their passions. I love art, I love weirdness, and I love talking about it."

Jacob is a graphic designer by day and maker of beautiful cards and prints by night. If you have been in the shop then it is likely that you have already seen some of his geometric animals on cards or his amazing geometric version of our state, Oklahoma. Stop by this Friday night to sip on a cocktail and check out what else he has been working on lately.  It is sure to be amazing.



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