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2nd Friday Featured Artist: Mariposa & Amyie Kao

We are very (very!) excited about this month's 2nd Friday Artwalk.  Not only are we featuring the art of Mariposa Coffee Roastery and Amyie Kao (YAY!!) but they will also be there serving coffee cocktails! The purpose of this show is to raise money so Mariposa can go to Rwanda to interact with and document coffee communities that are suffering  from water scarcity, to start a clean water movement.  I hope you will take a moment to watch this video to learn about what they are doing.

Here is a little more about Amyie and why Mariposa does what they do:

I am fascinated by the concept of truth and justice.  I find inspiration by embracing all things true in order to see beyond present circumstances; accepting the death that is and embracing the life that can be. The process of rendering and redeeming found materials into art is driven by a desire to know truth. I use found material such as, discarded wood scraps from a local carpentry and pyrography techniques along with espresso and watercolors to capture ethereal emotions.

Coffee is more than a beverage.  It's presence can transform the atmosphere of a gathering. Coffee awakens, brings warmth, and inspires stories and traditions.  When I discovered that clean water (arguably, the most integral component of coffee) is scarce in coffee-growing regions of the world, I was heartbroken. As coffee roasters, we work intimately with coffee and were sad to find that laborers who work so hard to bring us prized coffee, might not have access to clean water. The injustices within this cause inspire me to use espresso and watercolors as my chosen medium. My hope is to raise funds to advocate for clean water through art.

My pieces are simple--each advocate for hope amidst despair and life amidst death. There is something rousing that occurs when assumption collides with reality and that is the foundation of what I attempt to explore with art.


As you can see Mariposa is passionate about playing a part in coffee communities around the world having clean water wells.  I hope you will come in Friday night, enjoy the art, sip on a cocktail, and chat with them about the coffee communities they want to support!

All proceeds from art sales will go to funds to advocate clean water in coffee communities.  The Social Club will also be donating 15% of all sales Friday & Saturday to the cause!

Have you had a cup of Mariposa coffee yet?!  Yes or no, they will be doing pour over demonstrations at The Social Club Saturday morning from 10am-1pm so come on in and have a cup of their delicious coffee Saturday morning!

Cheers! Dana