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California Dreamin'


You know how you talk about doing something for forever, to the point you think you can't talk about it anymore and you have basically given up on the idea of that thing ever happening.  Well Seth, my wood working, life saving (...he's a nurse), always makes me laugh husband and I have always talked about him taking a travel nursing contract to California so we could have an adventure with the sun and the California coast.  Literally, we have talked about this for 5+ years.  We decided a while back that if we wanted to have children any time soon (which hopefully is in our semi-near future) we needed to do this thing, pack up and go live in CA for a while.  Well if you know me then you know I like to have a plan for everything.  I like to look into my future and at least have an idea of where I will be living 6 months from now.  Going to CA has definitely forced me to let go of my long term planning and live in the now which is one of the things that I am loving about it.

I know what you are thinking.  'This is crazy. She has a business in Norman.' Yes, I agree.  I have that same thought almost every single day. But then I remind myself how amazing our staff is and think how crazy it would be if in 10 years Seth and I were still talking about taking this adventure.

Seth signed a 13 week contract which would be up at the end of next week.  Wow.  Time, you are wild man, speeding by on the express train. It took quite a while for us to feel settled so when they asked him to renew his contract and stay longer we decided we hadn't gotten to know CA yet and so far, from what we can tell, CA is like the cool kid that you want to get to know better with all kinds of hidden surprises and mysterious talents. So, Seth extended his contract and we are staying longer.

So all that to say if you are wondering why you haven't seen me in the shop it is because I am temporarily living in CA and working from here: placing orders, making jewelry, scouting new inventory, facetiming with our staff...lots of facetiming. If you have been in lately then you might already know Charlsey, who is my rockstar of a manager handling all the stuff I can't be there to do in person. Deciding to stay longer has allowed us to settle in to a neighborhood that we just moved into but are loving.

I will continue to post here about living away from home but to follow this crazy adventure in real time follow me on instagram @danajoyscott.

Cheers (from California), Dana