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We've got another successful 2nd Friday Art Walk under our belts, all thanks to YOU GUYS! We love serving up our cocktails and hearing your feedback, which is why we're starting to change things up this fall and we want to get you involved in our process.

It's election season so, to us, it made the most sense to hear from the people and let them vote on what they want to sip on next month. We pulled from our drink archives, choosing the best of the best and then we took to the polls, asking YOU what you wanted to have again.

The results our in and the winner is the...


No worries if your drink didn't win. You can find the recipes right here on the blog! Links at the bottom of this post.


Now on to this month's recipe:

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This SUMMER SANGRIA fits in perfectly with our theme this summer of easy and refreshing cocktails. With only a couple ingredients, you're going to want to make a pitcher, which is why this recipe is for doing just that:


One bottle of white wine (we used Pinot Grigio)

3 cans of Fresca (we picked your classic Fresca, but any flavor will do)

Add fruit of your liking (grapes, peaches, strawberries, etc...)


That's it! So simple.

As always, we want to thank The Cellar of Norman for proving the spirit to our cocktail each and every month! <3

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