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Fall Drink Frenzy

Last week we had so many fun things going on in the shop!  We served a couple different drinks that were quite tasty. They were both super (I repeat SUPER!!!) easy. So if you are looking for something snappy to make for a party or gathering we would highly recommend either of these.  

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Apple Cider Champagne

serving: 1

4 oz champagne

2 oz apple cider

1 apple slice sprinkled with cinnamon

Pour 2 oz of apple cider in the bottom of your glass, top it with 4 oz of champagne and add the apple slice for a little garnish.    ****you could add whiskey or bourbon to this drink if you prefer liquor or just have a strong affection for whiskey****

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Blood Orange Beer

4 oz of beer

2 oz of blood orange soda

Pour 4 oz of beer, top with 2 oz of the blood orange soda.

So this is our version of a shandy.  Usually a shandy is 50/50 but we tweaked it because we didn't want it to be too sweet.  The recipe called for a wheat beer (we used PBR...which is not a wheat but still tasted great).  We couldn't find a blood orange 'soda' so we went with a blood orange Italian soda that we found at Sprouts.  I wouldn't say I am a beer drinker but I really truly enjoyed this.

Cheers!!! -Dana




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