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Gingered Pear

Hey Friends.  This 2nd Friday we decided to go with something light [cause it was like 70 degrees outside??!!] but still seasonal!  The Gingered Pear was definitely tasty and [SO] easy to make!  We made it into a punch to make the serving easy as well.  Keep reading for the recipe. IMG_1853

Makes 6 drinks:

4 oz of pear juice

6 oz of vodka

7 oz of ginger ale

garnish with a sprig of rosemary

drink. enjoy. repeat.

Again, we can't thank Cellar Wine & Spirits enough for partnering with us to serve these tasty cocktails each 2nd Friday.  We encourage you to keep them in mind when you are buying all your spirits for your holiday parties and family gatherings!


We had a blast Friday night.  Santa was serving cocktails and people were shopping!  Thank you for keeping it local this holiday season!!!!  Words can't express what it means to small businesses like us!


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