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Hair How To's: Color Buggin

I love Kevin Murphy Color Bugs! Such a fun way to incorporate a pop of color without the long term commitment! Who doesn't want just a touch of pink or purple for a day or night? I love expressing myself through my hair and this is a great way to explore a fun, silly, and flirty side of myself.  Why not?! Kevin Murphy has come out with lots of different bugs that can give a subtle, soft, pastel look or a super vibrant look depending on what look you are going for. What you will need:

The color bug of your choice:

Pink Bug, Orange Bug, White Bug, Green Bug, or Purple Bug.


Hair Resort Spray or Night Rider

Finishing Spray: Session Spray


Helpful tips:

Shimmer Bug: Recently, KM came out with the Shimmer Bug (gold). The application for this is different and gives more of a highlighted look (sun kissed) for brunettes or darker hair. KM's how to ( ) is super fun and kinda blew my mind. So now I'm gonna have to play more with dat bug.

Blonde hair vs. brown/dark hair. Think about a white wall and a dark wall, if you put pink or purple over it, its going to show up better on the white wall. However, if you prime the dark wall, the pink will show up. Same with hair!

Have fun buggin out! Come pick up your color bugs and all the essentials at The Social Club!  We have more hair How To's coming! Stay tuned!! Also, I am nervous and awkward in these videos....and I blink a lot. Keep your eyes open Erica! I shall work on it.

xxxxooooxxxoxoxoxoxox Erica Elaine