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We are a lil' bit obsessed with lavender at the moment...the taste but also the scent.  The lavender simple syrup was the perfect touch of spring complimenting the gin we paired it with.  We are dreaming up a million wonderful things to use the lavender simple syrup in other than, ginger ale floats, lemonade, the list goes on.

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Our recipe ratios are for a tiny cocktail (cause we serve like 300 of them) so our recommendation would be to make it a double cause you're probably going want to gulp it down and this way you won't have to get a refill immediately.


1 oz gin

.5 oz lavender simple syrup

3 oz tonic

garnished with a sage leaf

*We used the PH Alchemy Lavender simple syrup and couldn't have been happier about it.  You can buy some here or also make it at home....but buying it is a tad bit easier....just sayin'.


**The Cellar Wine & Spirits is our spirits super hero providing the gin for us to serve these to you.  SO if you need to stock your bar we would recommend visiting them to do so! They are wonderful and super helpful!!