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2nd Friday Art Walk has come and gone again, and this month we are featuring artist McKenzie Fisher! (Or, should we say opportunartist... but more on that later). Utilizing shape and color, McKenzie's art reminds us how elegant geometry can be. Scroll down to find out more about McKenzie and her process, as well as catch a sneak peek of her display. Then head on over to the shop and snag your favorite piece before they're gone!


"This collection is called 'Undone' because I don't feel like any of my items are ever perfect. They have mini imperfections that add to the beauty of their design."


"I am always crazy wild busy, whether it's going to barber school, working full time, or trying to keep my social life somewhat alive. So when I'm trying to take a step back and just have some relaxing moments here and there, I like to make art."



"By no means do I consider myself a traditional 'artist.' I would probably call myself an opportunartist. Yeah, that's a made up word. I do feel like it's the correct term for what I do.  I have a few hours to kill, some yarn or a pen sitting around, and I just make things."


A little more about McKenzie:

Fave cocktail: I know I'm a wild woman, but I love a nice vodka on ice with a large amount of fresh lime juice. Some would say I'm a purist.

Fave way to relax: I like to relax by shaking things out. Having a lil baby dance party, or rearranging my house. It's just a great stress reliever to me.

Fave thing about Oklahoma: I've never found another place that I loved the sunsets as much. I always compare other states that I've visited. And none of them hold up in the competition.

Guilt pleasure music: My bff Sam can tell you how crazy my iTunes are. It's just FILLED with guilty pleasures. I would have to say Gavin DeGraw and Hanson are my personal faves. I listen to them almost daily. Eeeek.

Something no one knows about me: Well I talk... a lot. So I'm almost sure that I've told everything about  myself to at least a handful of people. But if I had to guess, I would say that I have like 10 journals that are all very specific. Thankful journals, drunk journals, drawing journals, and haiku journals. And everything in between it feels like. It's funny- as if I don't talk enough with personal interactions that I have to talk to myself at home.



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