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Stone + Harper

We are stoked about what we have going on this 2nd Friday. We will be showcasing Stone + Harper, the creation of Sarah Nsikak. Read on to find out more about Stone + Harper, the vision, and the passion behind it. "I'm Sarah Nsikak - a 24 year old maker with a heart for creativity and social justice.



Stone + Harper is named after Lucy Stone and Frances Harper - two strong women who booth stood for gender equality and the abolition of slavery. In a time when black and white did not work together, their partnership shows how much reconciliation can come from rallying behind a worthy cause. The name, along side the logo, are symbols of hope for a better and more unified world.

I see creativity as something that is subtle enough to be easily overlooked, but powerful enough to change the way we see and respond to the world around us. Humans are all uniquely made and each one carries an identity that is all their own. The art of self expression is shown by every one of us in the subtleties, like the way we dress ourselves daily. The odds and ends of the way we present ourselves are the beginning of creative expression, but they do not have to be where it ends. There is so much, often untapped, creative potential in every individual.

Stone + Harper was started as a mission to bring awareness to the lack of support for creativity in our public school systems and the beauty that comes when it is made to flourish. A portion of Stone + Harper sales are donated to art and music education. The long term goal of Stone + Harper is to open a center for art and creative therapies. It will be a safe place to come into step with the right side of the brain, establish a full knowing of self, and create to the hearts content.

The second part of the vision for Stone + Harper is to raise awareness about the reality of the wasteful nature of the fashion industry. Because I love clothes and personal style as much as I do, I wanted to create something that would be part of the solution and not add to the problem. All pieces are either vintage up-cycled items or they are made from recycled materials.


Supporting Stone + Harper is supporting sustainability, creativity, and giving yourself more opportunities for creative self expression in your personal style."

Friday, February 12th 6-10pm @thesocialclubok Come sip a cocktail while you check out Stone + Harper's newest line.

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