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Here at The Social Club, we have a habit of wanting to try things ourselves. Call it FOMO, call it an adventurous spirit, call it whatever you want- we just can't stand to miss out on the fun. One of our most recent projects has been creating our very own hand-poured candles. What started as a seasonal holiday endeavor has transformed into a full blown line of candles. Check out a little bit of the process below.

process 3 process 4

First, the glasses. We decided to use some of our personally deisgned "The Social Club" grid glassware (who knew a design could compliment both whiskey AND candles?!).

process 5 process 6 process 8

Next step: candle chemistry. Combine some wax, a little secret scent mixology, and add to heat.

process 7 process 9 process 10

And finally, The Big Pour! We set the wicks and went to work.

Swing by the shop and smell these most recent pours.

Rosé All Day: Roses

Take a Hike: Oak Moss and Amber

Good Vibes Only: Tropical Fruits and Sugared Citrus

Sweet Summer Nights: Honeysuckle