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Tipsy Gummy Bear Cocktail

We went with more of a whimsical idea for our 2nd Friday Art Walk Cocktail . . .


We'll teach you how to make the gummy bears on their own and how to prepare them in a cocktail drink like we did on the Norman Art Walk.

Step one: Vodka Soaked Gummy Bear

Pick your desired amount of gummy bears (the ones from your local grocery / candy store taste best, rather than the packaged gummies) and put them in a container with a lid

Fill the container with just enough Vodka covering the gummy bears

Make sure you stir the vodka and gummy bear mixture so that all the gummy bears are covered

In the fridge, let the gummy bears drink up the vodka for 24 - 48 hours (depending on how tipsy you want them to get) *stir every so often so they don't clump together

Drain the excess vodka in strainer (or) leave aside for step two

If you want the vodka soaked gummy bears on their own, you are ready to eat! Remember! The longer you leave the gummies in the fridge to marinate, the longer they will soak the vodka!

Step Two: Tipsy Gummy Bear Cocktail


vodka soaked gummy bears

pink lemonade

club soda

vodka (optional)


Set aside your vodka soaked gummy bears from the day before

Make a pitcher of pink lemonade and cut it with some club soda and add desired amount of vodka

Add some ice and 2-100 tipsy gummy bears to the drink and you are ready to drink up!

Share your Tipsy Gummy Bear Cocktail creation with us on Instagram @thesocialclubok !!!