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Website Launch

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 10.45.58 AM This has been a long time coming so we are thrilled to tell you, and if you are here reading this you already know, our new website is live! We decided that when we moved into our new location (which was almost a year ago!!!) that our website could better reflect the space, the business, our customers, and us. So after we got all settled in and made it through the holidays we started working on new designs with one of our lovely friends, Haley Scherm. She was one of Dana's wedding clients and we are obsessed with her style, eye for design, and attention to detail so we knew this would be a perfect match. Dither developed the site for us and has definitely saved us a time or two because when it comes to website code/lingo/jargon we are totally clueless.

We are in love with our photographers.  Like if we had a rooftop to shout it from, we would. Atria Creative took a ton of the photos featured on the website as well as produced our video.  They are so fun to work with, not to mention some of the coolest, nicest people around. Sarah Denbow is also responsible for the beautiful images on our site. She is one of our best friends and all time favorite people plus she is uber talented with a camera in her hand.  Hire them.  If you need a photographer, for anything at all, hire them!

Well, we hope you will take a look around our new site. Cheers, Erica & Dana