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IMG_2724 Hello hello! It's time for a cocktail catch-up.

As you may know, we had you guys vote on last month's cocktail at our August Art Walk  by choosing from one of our drinks from the archives! So, if you missed this recipe on the blog the last time we served it, we've got ya covered. Click on over to the recipe for that yummy Rosey Gin Sour we mixed up for you last month!


Now on to last week's recipe...



1 oz vodka

2 oz apple juice

1 oz spiced apple cider

2 oz club soda

garnish with an apple slice powdered with cinnamon


We hope you enjoyed our festive October drink and, as always, want to give a huge THANK YOU and shout out to Norman's own, THE CELLAR WINE & SPIRITS . We don't know what we'd do without them!

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