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Rosey Gin Sour

  Rosey Gin Sour

Well, this is a little late but just in time to make them before the summer has actually said farewell.  This drink is refreshing, surprising, and the perfect thing to sip on (assuming you are 21) after a day at the pool or a hard day at work or at a bbq or after some recreational sports or after visiting your grandma (just trying to cover all our bases here).

We served this drink at August's 2nd Friday Artwalk and loved it!  I hope if you were artwalk-ing then you were able to try one.  Our artist for August, Chris Castro, came up with the recipe and we are so happy he did!  Disclaimer: because we serve drinks in such a large quantity we do a couple things to make it easier i.e. using lemonade instead of the freshly squeezed lemon juice and simple syrup that this drink so rightly deserves.  If you are making it at home and have access to lemons (which you should, just go to your local market right?) then use freshly squeezed lemons.

Locating Rose Water was a little tricky but once you know where to go it is easy breezy.  We found it at the Mediterranean Imports & Deli in Oklahoma City off of May & NW Expressway.  This one little bottle will literally (imagine Chris Traeger aka Rob Lowe from Parks and Rec. saying that!) last you for years.


1 oz of freshly squeezed lemon juice

1 oz of simple syrup

2 oz of Gin

1 drop (literally) of Rose Water

Combine all the elements in a cocktail shaker of your choice (we really love the Mason Shaker, pictured above).  And shake, shake, shake.  I mean like shake the hell out of that thing.  I don't think I ever knew how to shake a shaker until I saw Chris Castro doing it.  I will say that the harder shaking does greatly improve the drink, you know really melding the flavors and such.  Then pour over ice and enjoy!

If this drink had a definition I would say it is delightful.  The lemonade is refreshing and the rose water is the best little surprise of flavor that you hardly ever taste.  I bet when you started reading this you said...."hmmm....rose water.  does that actually taste like roses?"  Well yes.  In the best way possible.

We hope you shake this cocktail to your enjoyment and join us at the next 2nd Friday Artwalk to see what Mariposa Coffee Roastery will be concocting for you!

Cheers, Dana